Otaheite fisherman show off huge catch of herring in "one drag"

Hundreds of fish caught by an Otaheite fishermen around 6 pm Thursday, is now going viral on social media.

The video was sent to CNC3 today who said the catch occurred in Otaheite, South Oroupuche.

Hundreds of herring can be seen on the beach as people helped themselves.

One man is heard saying the catch was made in "one drag".

The video is below.


Strong hint that soca's big feud is coming to an end

Soca stars Ian "Bunji Garlin" Alvarez and Machel Montano have both dropped a hint of a possible collaboration this year, bringing to an end to years of feud between the country's two biggest soca artistes.

Both Montano and Garlin posted a similar image to their respective Instagram pages, with the logos that represent the both camps - a double-M sign in the case of Machel and a Viking symbol in the case of Bunji Garlin.

Neither men explained what the posts meant, but hundreds have already begun commenting on the likelihood of a unity of forces.

Trump slams Chelsea Manning as an "ungrateful traitor" after she insinuates Obama was a weak leader

President Donald Trump says Chelsea Manning is a traitor for calling former President Barack Obama a "weak president."

Trump said it all in a tweet -- saying Manning is ungrateful and should remain in prison.

Trump's comment is apparently in reference to a column written by Manning in The Guardian.

VIDEO: CCTV footage shows mother, two children stood no chance in Mausica accident

CCTV footage of the accident that claimed the lives of a mother and two children in Mausica last night, showed that they stood no chance as the driver clearly broke the red light.

The newly released video shows the driver proceeding at high speed towards the light which was red

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The vehicle with the woman and children was crossing the highway when the vehicle slammed into them.

Mother, two children killed in accident

A mother and her two children were killed in an accident on the corner of Mausica junction and the Priority Bus Route around 11 pm last night.

She has been identified as 34-year-old Carla Colins of Belmont.


According to reports, the driver of a B14 vehicle allegedly ran the red light and slammed into two cars, including the one carrying the mother and her children.