Man shot and killed following altercation

A man has been shot and killed in St Augustine.

According to reports, the victim was walking along Samaroo avenue off the Deokiesingh street when he was ambushed by a gunman.

 An altercation ensued and the assailant shot the man before fleeing. 

Upon hearing the loud explosions residents in the area contacted the police.

 The man was taken to the Eric Williams medical sciences complex where he was pronounced dead.


Regional: Barbados elects first female Prime Minister

The results are in and for the first time in the nation's history, Barbados will be led by a female prime minister.

Mia Mottley's Barbados labour party won Thursday's election by a landslide and will form the next government, according to political analyst, Peter Wickham.  

The victory came as no surprise.

He says the result was indicative of the population's attitude towards outgoing prime minister and head of the democratic labour party Freundel Stuart.

Court gives Warner 120 days to raise $3.7 million

Former government minister Jack Warner has 120 days to raise to $3.7 million or sell three of apartments at his Emerald Plaza Hotel at St Augustine to settle an outstanding judgment debt. 

Warner agreed to those terms after Docs Engineering Works Ltd filed a judgment summons for the court to order Warner to sell Emerald Plaza and use the money to settle the debt. 

‘Don’t jail my client for killing homeless man’

A Vistabella man who in a fit of rage killed a homeless man after the man threatened his wife and child with a bottle should be spared a prison sentence.

This is the position of both the defence and State attorneys in the matter of Christopher Henry who pleaded guilty to the offence of manslaughter. The incident took place almost 17 years ago.

However, Henry’s faith rests solely in the hands of Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas who will give his decision on June 12, in the San Fernando Second Criminal Court.

IWRN condemns treatment of Nafesah Nakhid

The International Women’s Resource Network (IWRN) is adding its voice to the list of condemnations on the issue regarding OJT teacher, Nafesah Nakhid.

The organisation says it objects strongly "to such actions as they can only deepen the country’s already archaic thinking on a number of out-of-the-box issues".

It says Trinidad and Tobago would never be able to rise to international standards once it continues to channel judgements and decisions in accordance with selfish and backward standards.