PM: Pick your men wisely

Angered by the escalating crime rate, especially domestic-related murders in the last month, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley last night called on women to choose their male companions more wisely.

Rowley was speaking during the first in a series of 14 Conversations with the Prime Minister public meetings at the amphitheatre of the Maloney Shopping Mall, when he referred to spate of killings of women in recent times.

VIDEO: Police shoot and wound gunman after Nelson Street attack

Police have shot and wounded a man who opened fire on them.

The incident occurred shortly after 9 pm on Monday night.

According to report, a gunman attempted to carry out an attack on a group of men on Nelson Street, Port-of-Spain.

However, he was intercepted by police officers from a police post in the area.

There was an exchange of gunfire near Picadilly Street and the man was hit about the body.

He is currently warded at hospital.



Murder in Diego Martin

Police are investigating the shooting death of a 35-year-old man in Diego Martin last night.

The victim has been identified as Sheldon Trimmingham.

Police reports indicate that just before 7pm Monday, residents of Upper Hillcrest Drive, La Puerta, heard several loud explosions and later found Trimmingham lying on the ground with several bullet wounds.

Police say he was a close relative of Earl and Marlon Trimmingham who were both under trial for the murder of Xtra Foods Chief Executive Officer, Vindra Naipaul-Coolman.

Bunji Garlin issues "Defend the women" challenge

Soca/Freestyle King Ian "Bunji Garlin" Alvarez sent out a "Defend the Women" challenge to all men in T&T.

In a three minute thirty-five-second video sent via social media, Alvarez said that T&T's women are under pressure and endure serious problems.

Garlin said most men hide behind social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to "bad up women" but instead those same men need to man up and defend them.

Burnt body of gardener discovered in Rio Claro

The charred remains of a 52-year-old gardener Bhim Bipram, were discovered at Guayaguayare Road, Rio Claro on Monday.  

Bipram, originally of Navet Village, Rio Claro, was discovered by a neighbour around 8.30 am on Monday morning, who contacted the Rio Claro Police Station.

Bipram had been residing at Guayaguayare Road, Rio Claro for the last three years, where he was a gardener and a well-known handyman.

Qatar Airways sets record for world's longest flight

17 hours and 30 minutes.

That’s the new record now held by Qatar Airways for the longest flight in the world.

The Boeing 777 departed from Doha, Qatar on Sunday and landed in Auckland, New Zealand on Monday after flying 9,031 miles (14,535 kilometers).

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker, who traveled on board the inaugural flight, said the new Auckland service was “an important milestone” in the airline’s global expansion.