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Thu, 02/11/2016

Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee is under fire for comments he made about the death of a Japanese national.

Thousands have signed a petition calling for him to be fired as the city's...

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Thu, 02/11/2016

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley says he will not be dismissing Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee, but he believes Mr Tim Kee did not articulate himself well and may have said things he should...

Embedded thumbnail for Friends remember Asami
Thu, 02/11/2016

As we continue our coverage of the death of Japanese national Asami Nagikaya, tonight we share with you some of the reactions of her local friends.

They describe her as fun loving, and a...

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Wed, 02/10/2016

Admitting that Carnival 2016 saw a near twenty percent drop in participation the NCC chairman still gives it a high pass mark.

And certainly making its mark this year is the Ronnie and Caro...

Embedded thumbnail for Female Masquerader's body found at Queen's Park Savannah
Wed, 02/10/2016

The police are tonight seeking the public's assistance in identifying the body of a woman of Asian descent found today at the Queen's Park Savannah.

Embedded thumbnail for Downtown Carnival results
Wed, 02/10/2016

Ronnie and Caro also won band of the year downtown.

The results were revealed by former Port of Spain mayor Murchison Brown who also commended the downtown committee for keeping the...

Embedded thumbnail for British visitors detained by police
Wed, 02/10/2016

Carnival festivities did not end well for a British couple who were arrested and detained by local police for allegedly refusing to pay a taxi-driver five hundred dollars.

Johnathan Pointer...

Embedded thumbnail for Ash Wednesday Cool down
Wed, 02/10/2016

Today signaled a return to work for some, but for others, Ash Wednesday is a time to begin their post carnival revelry.

And in this report by Akash Samaroo at Maracas Bay, we learn that...

Embedded thumbnail for PNM Councillor seeking legal advice
Tue, 02/09/2016

An investigation is now underway by mas band Yuma after members of its security personnel were seen physically assaulting a local government councillor.

The video is being shared on social...

Embedded thumbnail for Parade of the bands - Queen's Park Savannah
Tue, 02/09/2016

 Band leaders in North Trinidad say the dreaded 'r' word had little to no impact on their numbers.

While crossing the Savannah stage, at least, big band leaders say their masqueraders still...

Embedded thumbnail for Socadrome 2016
Tue, 02/09/2016

Five big bands once again opted to cross the soca drome stage at the Jean Pierre Complex.

And though the crowd of spectators was small, the masqueraders had the time of their lives.

Embedded thumbnail for Lara Fete goes on
Sat, 02/06/2016

Despite previous reports, Brian Lara's annual Carnival Sunday fete will go on as scheduled.

Our reporter Kristy Ramnarine spoke to Lara at his home while final preparations were underway...