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Embedded thumbnail for Education Minister: School goes on despite recent voice note
Mon, 05/30/2016

The Education Minister says schools will go on despite voice message threatening to attack students who are scheduled to write exams this week. Jannelle Bernard spoke with the minister and has...

Embedded thumbnail for Highway Re-route Movement wants probe into collapse of highway
Mon, 05/30/2016

The Highway Re-route Movement is calling for a probe into the construction and collapse of the Point Fortin to Debe Highway.
Dr Wayne Kublalsingh says there must be accountability for the...

Embedded thumbnail for Activist seeks homeless' legal right to sleep in Tamarind Square
Mon, 05/30/2016

The activist behind Thursday's High Court matter in which a homeless man challenged the State, says it's just a test case. 
The homeless man took the Port-of-Spain City Corporation to court...

Embedded thumbnail for Family of Holly B speak on his life
Mon, 05/30/2016

Local cultural icon and parang pioneer Holly Beatudier passed away on Sunday night at his Glencoe home.
Affectionately known as Holly B, the 91- year old was the man behind Holly's Happy...

Embedded thumbnail for Sat Maharaj to Catholic Archbishop: "Mind your business"
Mon, 05/30/2016

"Mind your own business".
Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Sat Maharaj is issuing a strong warning to those advocating for the amendment of the Hindu Marriage Act.

Embedded thumbnail for 103-year-old Samoondarie Doon's story
Mon, 05/30/2016

As we commemorate the 171st anniversary of the arrival of East Indians to this country's shores, we share the story of one woman, who many may argue, is the last chapter of the story of...

Embedded thumbnail for Dr Brinsley Samaroo on Indian Arrival Day
Mon, 05/30/2016

The East Indian population has contributed significantly to this country’s development.
From the arrival of the Fatel Razack in 1845 to today, the ancestors of the indentured labours have...

Embedded thumbnail for Fixin' T&T questions President's competence
Mon, 05/30/2016

Fixin' T&T is questioning the competence and judgment of President Anthony Carmona.
In a release the group says recent actions by the president, including what the group has described as...

Embedded thumbnail for 'Trini' traditions
Mon, 05/30/2016

How do you spend your long weekends? What are your traditions like? Reporter Jesse Ramdeo brings us back the answers to these questions.


Embedded thumbnail for Indian Arrival Day at Caura River
Mon, 05/30/2016

Reporter Samuel McKnight visited the Caura River to find out about some other Indian Arrival Day traditions.


Embedded thumbnail for Forensic pathologists: Baby Kristiano's death purely accidental
Fri, 05/27/2016

Purely accidental, that's how forensic pathologist Dr. Valery Alexandrov is describing the death of baby Kristiano Aziz, who died at a daycare on Monday.

The expert told CNC3 that while...

Embedded thumbnail for T&T's junior hockey men thrash Puerto Rico 11 nil
Fri, 05/27/2016

Trinidad and Tobago's junior hockey men thrashed Puerto Rico earlier today in the Pan American Junior Championships.

Caston Cupid has the details in this report.