Loc’d & Loaded: Braided Pompadour

Monday, February 4, 2019 - 11:00

I’m sure that many of you ladies would agree with me when I say that Carnival time is a time for colour, flavour and funky hairstyles. Carnival time that causes women to be a bit more adventurous with their hair styles. More colour and creativity always seems to come out whether it be for the fetes or the two greatest days on the road. Considering the melting pot that is Trinidad and Tobago in itself, there are so many varying hair textures and almost every lady is trying to keep it cute yet hassle-free so that they can focus on having a great time. One of the most common requests for the road that normally pack the hair salons is definitely braided extensions. Hairstylist and extensions extraordinaire, Kimberly Edwards-Daniel from the Kim Eds salon, tells us how this simple-yet-stylish braided pompadour is perfect for the Carnival season.

We know many of you may already know what styles you want for the road or to hit the fetes but in case you have a change of heart (as most of us ladies tend to do when we’re finalizing our look), this article has all the answers you’re looking. The XX Team spent some time at the Kim Eds salon where she demonstrated this chic-yet-simple braided look for the road. Want to know whether or not this look is for you? Well we got some answers to your questions that might help.

Who can wear a braided pompadour?
Women of all hair types can get this simple chic look for the season. Your hair should be long enough to pull back into a low ponytail. Ladies with natural curly/coily/kinly hair would of course have to get their hair blown out and possibly silk-pressed depending on the hair texture, in order to achieve the straight look for a longer period of time. Once your hair is naturally straight, this is is a perfect option for you to hit some fetes and to go on the road too.

How should you prep your hair?
We would always start with freshly-washed hair, which isn’t absolutely necessary but if you intend to wear the look for a couple days, this is best practice. You really want to ensure your scalp is clean to minimize any itching or flaking in the braided sections. As was already mentioned, kinky/curly- haired girls would also blow out their hair to accomplish a sleek finish. If you’re uncomfortable with the stylist washing and applying heat to your natural hair, you can prep it yourself before following your regular routine. Even for the ladies with straight hair, if you have have finer hair strands or what most Trinis would like to call thin hair, a blow out can also be done to give the hair some volume for the look.

Products required?
This hairstyle is such a simple look that all you really need is Virgin Hair Bundle to wrap the pony tail for that long goddess finish (if you need the extra length) and some hair wax such as Oasis Trill to hold that braid together neatly (particularly for naturally straight hair types).

How long does the styling process take?
This is another fantastic look that takes little to no time at all in comparison to many other braided looks. That way, if you’re in a rush to head out you can be done and in time. This style, after a full wash and blow out takes approximately thirty minutes but this can vary depending on the hair type. Hairstylist Kim tells us the style is simple enough that it can be done in a short time, which makes it ideal for the season you just want a quick-yet-cute hair-do for events.

How to maintain the look?
Unfortunately, it’s not one of those that you can wear for a few days at a time, like many of the other hair styles you’ll see in this series. This is a one-time look that’ll naturally unravel in your sleep.