Quick ways to relieve your post-Carnival body stress

It s been a little over a week since all the revelling and masquerading. The frenzy is officially over now and all that s left are the many photos and videos you took (some unknowingly) and of course the anticipation for Carnival 2020. Oh, and let s not forget our tired bodies, that do a great job at reminding us of how much fun we really had over the Carnival season, especially those two blissful days on the road. The continuous flow of drinks, the chipping, the moving with we famalaylaylay, the jumping up with our day ones and the pandemonium that had us going non-stop, was totally worth every cent except for the dreadful after effects. At this point many revellers are trying to recover from sunburn, dried out skin, blistered feet and even sore throats. We get it, Carnival gets the best of you, and even when you ensure to do your pre-Carnival prep you simply can t shake the fatigue and the stress your body now feels. Luckily, we know just what you need to help your exhausted body bounce back. Here are some quick ways to relieve the most common post post-Carnival complaints and bring you back to your strong, healthy selves again.

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