Embedded thumbnail for Residents blame flooding on farmer

Some residents of Kelly Trace in Piarco are accusing a farmer of interfering with the Caroni river and causing severe flooding in the aftermath of tropical storm Bret.

But that farmer while...

Embedded thumbnail for Snakes, termites force school protest

It was fiery protest to start off Thursday morning in Flanagin Town.

It may have caused some traffic and an inconvenience to the working population but it didn't affect the students the of...

Embedded thumbnail for CNC3 WEEKEND NEWS - 11-08-18

Due to our CPL coverage, here is an abridged version of the Weekend Newscast. 

Embedded thumbnail for Opposition Leader welcomes government's move to reintroduce laptop program

The opposition leader is welcoming the government's move to reintroduce the school's laptop program.

She says the government's criticism of the program and the decision to stop it was...

Embedded thumbnail for Retired barrister receives national award

Mahmud Sultan Dean Aziz was today recognized for his commitment to...

Embedded thumbnail for Kidnap victim rescued by police

A Chinese national was this morning kidnapped and just hours later, rescued by police. It's the second kidnapping in two weeks, but the acting police commissioner denies that kidnappings are on...

Embedded thumbnail for Inside the Festival: The Lost tribe

The lost tribe launches its look 2018.

Ultimate Rejects receive their prize money for road March 2017.

And thousands head to army fete last Friday night.

All in tonight's...

Embedded thumbnail for Tunapuna residents lack trust in police

A lack of trust in the police was one of the many issues raised during a police town meeting in Tunapuna.

As members of the head table faced verbal blows, an assurance was given to do more...

Embedded thumbnail for Sports Insight: Michael Leon Hazard

Our special Olympics team is currently in Abu Dhabi for the world games beginning on Thursday.

However, the athletes and support staff aren't the only ones expected to fly the team TTO flag...

After a nine-month absence from service, the T&T Spirit is finally servicing the sea bridge again.

Many passengers who made the two and a half hour journey from Scarborough to Port of...

Embedded thumbnail for PM hints at change of one of his ministerial portfolios

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has hinted of a change to one of the ministerial portfolios he currently holds.

During an interview on power 102.1FM this morning, Dr Rowley stated that given...

Embedded thumbnail for Musician among 4 killed

Four murders have been recorded overnight.

Among them a musician from south Trinidad and two men from Rio Claro.