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The minister of health is warning of counterfeit cigarettes flooding the local market.

While smoking, on the whole, poses a severe risk to health, these fake cigarettes are said to contain...

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Establish an independent body to investigate prison officers.


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The education ministry has embarked on a review of the education act in a bid to revise the current school's code of conduct, and the education ministry is encouraging parents to get involved in...

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Eleven persons are in custody after a police raid in south Trinidad.

The arrests are believed to be in connection with several violent crimes. But the suspects weren't the only discovery....

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Opposition MP for Oropouche East, Dr Roodal Moonilal spoke to the media outside of the Parliament today.

Embedded thumbnail for Chicken in school feeding programme safe, says Education Minister

Education Minister Anthony Garcia says his ministry has no evidence to show that expired meat is being served to the nation's students.

He makes this statement days after the quality of...

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Government and Opposition square off over the Couva Children's Hospital.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh says the facility was built to tug at the heartstrings of the population.

Embedded thumbnail for Security beefed up to prevent sabotage of Galleons Passage

Security has been beefed up to prevent sabotage of the Galleons passage.

Works and transport minister Rohan Sinanan says there are people who deliberately tampered with previous vessels and...

Embedded thumbnail for Today is World Down Syndrome Awareness day, Hema Ramkissoon interviews self-advocate

Hema Ramkissoon speaks with Glen Niles and self-advocate Emmanuel Bishop on the Morning Brew. 


The minister of education has listed three schools where he believes acts of sabotage have been perpetrated on the sewer systems.

He said the acts resulted in several closures and barrage...