Embedded thumbnail for CL Financial still a risk?
Mon, 07/24/2017 - 19:45

After eight years, the government says CL Financial still poses a severe risk to the country's financial system.

As the battle for Clico intensifies, the government says it did not have a...

Embedded thumbnail for Third suspect in Malabar double murder appears in court
Mon, 07/24/2017 - 19:45

A thirty-five-year-old man appeared before an Arima magistrate this morning charged with the murders and robbery of Videsh Subar and his caretaker Haffiza Mohammed. 

 Devon Edwards is the...

Embedded thumbnail for Panday honoured by National Council for Indian Culture
Mon, 07/24/2017 - 19:00

Former prime minister Basdeo Panday has spoken out against the abolition of all public holidays and celebrations in this country.
Instead he has offered advice to the state to treat all...

Embedded thumbnail for Santa Cruz house damaged by landslide
Mon, 07/24/2017 - 19:00

One Santa Cruz family is appealing for a house after a landslide damaged their home following Saturday's heavy downpour.

Emily Sookraj's daughter had to be hospitalised after she was caught...

Embedded thumbnail for Kids Who Inspire - Shurmia Ramprashad spreads message of courage through poetry
Mon, 07/24/2017 - 17:30

A 12-year-old girl is conquering her fears through poetry.

Shurmia Ramprashad wants to spread her message of courage and she is using spoken word as her medium of choice.


Embedded thumbnail for Farms flooded
Fri, 07/21/2017 - 20:15

Environmentalist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh is calling on the state to reverse an embankment in the Oropouche lagoon which he says is resulting in massive losses for farmers.

The farmers say...

Embedded thumbnail for Health Minister takes responsibility for NWRHA
Fri, 07/21/2017 - 20:15

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh has taken personal responsibility for problems in the North West Regional Health Authority and has indicated his dissatisfaction in management.

The Port...

Embedded thumbnail for Ramesh writes Judiciary on Marcia Ayers-Caesar matter
Fri, 07/21/2017 - 20:00

Attorney for Marcia Ayers-Caesar, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj is questioning whether documents related to her legal action against the state have been sealed.

This week the former chief...

Embedded thumbnail for Police get body cams
Fri, 07/21/2017 - 20:00

When next you're stopped by a police officer, chances are you may be on camera.

This as the police service is testing 60 body cameras for a 6 month period.

The TTPS is hoping that it...

Embedded thumbnail for Cabo Star docks
Thu, 07/20/2017 - 20:00

It's here! The new cargo vessel to service the sea bridge has docked at the port of Port of Spain and all indications show that it is an improvement from the former cargo vessel the super fast...

Embedded thumbnail for Prison Officers Association on prison break: Critical pieces of evidence not gathered
Thu, 07/20/2017 - 20:00

Two years after the infamous prison break, the Prison Officers Association is claiming critical pieces of evidence have not been gathered.

They say the suspended officers have never been...

Embedded thumbnail for Thalassemia Major life threatening?
Thu, 07/20/2017 - 20:00

As the courts still deliberate on whether or not thalassemia major qualifies as a life threatening disease and should be considered under the Children's Life Fund the country's oldest thalassemia...