Additional cases of alleged fraud reported against weight loss clinic today

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 00:00

Additional cases of alleged fraud were today reported to the Fraud Squad against the owner of the popular Weight Loss Clinic.

The 40-year-old doctor remained in police custody overnight and today.

According to a police source, when the news broke of the doctor being detained by police on Monday for questioning, several persons either went to the Unit or contacted office there via telephone all through the day yesterday and divulged information that can assist investigators.

Some of the complainants, who have made contact allege that they have documents that can be used as evidence against the company.

The doctor was detained by police while at her St James Clinic on Monday morning. 

The allegations surround (allegedly) tendering fraudulent cheques and (allegedly) receiving monies for service not rendered.

According to reports, officers received information from a patient who claimed that over $25,000 in cash and cheques were paid to the doctor for a liposuction procedure done, however, the patient claimed that she never got it done and allegedly never got back any refund, whether full or partial.

There were four other cases filed against the Weight Loss Clinic and its owner before Monday.

Further calls are being made to members of the public who has any information and allegations against the doctor that can assist them in their investigations, to come forward and contact the Fraud Squad office immediately.