Alcazar replaces Dr Rolph Balgobin as TTMA President

Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 18:00

Christopher Alcazar has been appointed President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association.

His appointment took placed at the TTMA's 61st Annual General Meeting today.

He replaces Dr Rolph Balgobin, who is currently battling accusations of sexual harassment at Angostura.

Members of the media were not invited to today's AGM.

Mr. Alcazar currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at Vemco Ltd and serves as a director on exporTT board.

A statement by the TTMA says that during his message to the membership at the AGM, Mr. Alcazar outlined his vision for the TTMA under his tenure stating that the manufacturing sector has a significant role to play in the diversification of the economy. He cited a number of challenges to the sector, inclusive of the short supply of foreign exchange and promised to prioritize with the objective of finding workable solutions.

 Another major challenge identified was productivity and unfavorable work ethic. He lamented that the manufacturing industry is labour intensive and it was important to have the availability of a quality workforce. Mr. Alcazar recognized the need to encourage young people to become innovators and visionaries. He indicated that finding ways to motivate and inspire the next generation to become creators and entrepreneurs was also high on his priority list.
With regard to market access, the newly elected president indicated that there were already trade agreements in place and hinted that if some of the impediments to greater productivity could be mitigated, he is hopeful that more manufacturers would seize these opportunities in the near future and so propel the manufacturing sector in the country.
Mr. Alcazar also took the opportunity to thank the out-going directors from the board, and welcomed the new ones, namely Mr. Rodney Cowan (TCL), Mr. Ian Mitchel (Ansa Polymer) and Mr. Dale Parson (Kaleidoscope Paints). He concluded his remarks to the membership indicating his desire to contribute in a tangible way to further fuel a sustainable manufacturing sector and to allow it to become an even more significant player in the diversification of the Trinidad and Tobago’s economy.