Another elderly man dies in fire

A 72-year-old was killed in a fire which gutted his Gasparillo home on Saturday evening, becoming the second elderly person to be killed in a fire in just a matter of days.
Reports say, Leroy Walters of Bonne Aventure Road, who was partially blind and immobile, was trapped in by the flames and was unable to be rescued from the burning house.
Reports say around 7:30 PM on Saturday, an explosive sound was heard in the house, then the fire broke out.
A relative told our cameraman Ivan Toolsie, that Walters was on the second floor of the two storey house and his son, who was downstairs heard him crying out for help and tried to rescue him but could not because he too may have been badly injured.  They say the fire quickly spread throughout the house.
So far, the cause of the fire is not known.
last Thursday an elderly disabled man died in a fire in San Juan.


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