ATTIC's advice on making insurance claims after earthquake

The Association of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Companies (ATTIC) is giving advice to persons whose property sustained damage by Tuesday's powerful earthquake.

ATTIC says losses sustained within 72 hours of the event, which includes aftershocks, will be treated as one.

The following is a statement ATTIC issued on Thursday.

"The Association of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Companies (ATTIC), like the rest of the country, is relieved that there have been no reports of serious injury and loss of life, although some damage to property has been reported a result of the 6.9 magnitude earthquake which struck on August 21, 2018. 

During the media conference held by the UWI Seismic Research Centre on August 22, 2018, the country was warned that there may be potentially larger earthquakes to come.

Professor Richard Robertson advised that citizens should take it upon themselves to learn as much as possible about preparing for and coping with such events.

Whilst we are thankful that the country has been spared any major devastation associated with an earthquake of this magnitude, we take this opportunity to remind the public of the importance of having proper coverage against these and other risks and wish to advise policyholders on the steps in submitting a claim in the event that damages were incurred.

For policyholders who have sustained damages, ATTIC advises that you:

Contact your respective insurance company, agent or broker and immediately notify them of any claims

Complete a claim form and a statement of claim

At minimum, provide photographs or any other information to support your claim. This will also be subject to any other information which may be required by your insurer.

If your property has been damaged, submit estimates for repairs along with a claim form, if possible.

Expect to hear from your insurer/agent/broker who will appoint an insurance adjuster who will visit the location where the loss occurred to verify the claim and survey your property.

The aforementioned will assist in expediting the claims settlement process. ATTIC also advises that losses arising within a 72-hour period from the initial event will be treated as one - this includes the aftershock which was felt on August 22, 2018.

We encourage clients to check their policy documents with respect to the terms and conditions regarding the deductible or excess."