Ayers-Caesar steps down from High Court amid controversy; returns to Magistracy

Marcia Ayers-Caesar has stepped down from the High Court less than two weeks after receiving her instruments of appointment.

In a release issued Thursday afternoon, the former chief magistrate stated that after deliberation she spoke with the chief justice and then tendered her resignation to the president.

Her appointment to the High Court had been met with strong opposition from senior members of the legal fraternity.

The Law Association also expressed deep concern over the promotion.

The members of the bar argued that her appointment created a vacuum in the criminal justice system and the domino effect will be felt throughout.

In the release the former chief magistrate stated that she “acknowledges the concerns raised with respect to the various matters which were not completed by her during the time of the appointment to the Supreme Court.”

Ayers-Caesar goes on to say “I recognise the effect that the failure to complete these matters will invariably have on the criminal justice system including the accused, the victims and members of the legal profession.”

The resignation comes less than 24 hours after a group of prisoners rioted in the Port-of-Spain’s Magistrates’ Court.