Bakers arrested in Venezuela for making brownies instead of bread

Friday, March 17, 2017 - 18:45

Four bakers have been arrested in Venezuela for illegally making brownies and other pastries.

It's part of a crackdown by the government, which now requires 90% of the country's wheat to be used in loaves rather than cakes.

President Nicolas Maduro has threatened to take over bakeries in the capital Caracas as part of a new "bread war".

He's sent inspectors and soldiers into more than 700 bakeries this week to enforce the rules.

Venezuela's Superintendency of Fair Prices said two men were arrested because their bakery was using too much wheat in sweet bread, ham croissants and other products.

Two more bakers were taken into custody for making brownies with out-of-date wheat.

A government organisation tweeted a photo of the 54 bags in question.

At least one bakery has been taken over temporarily by authorities for 90 days.

This is all part of the government's attempt to combat shortages and long lines for basic products during a three-year economic crisis.