Brian London is 2019 Extempo monarch

Brian London is the 2019 Extempo monarch.

London beat Phillip "Black Sage" Murray in the final at the Queen's Park Savannah Thursday night.

London and Black Sage had also faced each other in the semi-finals after the preliminary round.

Their semi-final topic was "Publish Sex Offender".

The other semi-final saw Winston "Gypsy" Peters come up against Myron "The Incredible Myron B" Bruce on the topic "Trump is a Trap".

This semi-final was a repeat of the line-up in the 2018 Extempo final, which The Incredible Myron B won.

However, the judges gave the nod to both London and Black Sage to face each other once again in the final.

They were not given any particular topic and both had six rounds each to perform before the judges eventually gave the nod to London.

The other contenders on the night were Hezekiah Joseph, Kevan Calliste, Leslie Ann "Lady Africa" Bristow and Rohan Richards.

 - by Sampson Nanton. Photos by Shirley Bahadur.

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