Chief Justice backs down on sabbatical leave

Chief Justice Ivor Archie has backed down on his decision to pursue a sabbatical leave but will instead take vacation leave to pursue his studies in the United States.

The Chief Justice issued a statement to this regard Wednesday afternoon, one day before the prime minister was due to pronounce on the matter.

The following is the Chief Justice's statement.

"Conscious of consternation which a[pears to have been caused by opting to access my sabbatical option and in a clear desire to ensure that the heads of all arms of the State are not derailed from truly important national business by this issue I have opted to not proceed on sabbatical.

However as I have, since the middle of 2017 been engaged with the highly respected US Federal Judicial Centre on the issue of my study; and in November 2017 committed to this undertaking, I will proceed to utilize a portion of my vacation leave entitlement to address my study.

As of today, I am entitled to thirty-five weeks unutilized vacation in the office of Chief Justice, I trust and pray that my absence in the interest of the country and all Judges of the Supreme Court the issue of legal interpretation of the 98th report of the SRC will be ventilated and clarified without ad hominem consideration,

I will be returning from time to time to Trinidad and Tobago during the period of my study.

I have no outstanding judgements."

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