Coast Guard officers charged with drunk driving

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 07:30

Two Coast guardsmen are among 99 people held during police exercises over the Easter holiday weekend in the Southern Division.

The coast guardsmen were held in separate exercises, both for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. A report stated that on Saturday, PC Ramsaran and other officers were carrying out a breathalyser exercise at Cross Crossing, San Fernando. Around 3.15 am, they stopped a vehicle that was playing music loudly. The occupant, a coast guardsman from Chatham, reportedly attacked the officers after being asked to step out of the vehicle.

He was subdued and taken to the San Fernando Police Station where he was administered a breathalyser test. He is expected to appear before a San Fernando magistrate today on charges of DUI, disorderly conduct, assault and resisting arrest. During another roadblock, a coast guard officer from Granville was arrested for DUI. The officer is currently on suspension from the coast guard.

In the weekend operation coordinated by Snr Supt Zamsheed Mohammed and carried out by ASP Ali Mohammed, Insp Don Gajadhar, Sgt Ramroop and others, 23 people were on outstanding warrants, four roadblocks were set up, 104 tickets were issued for traffic offences, 76 people arrested for various offences, 10 people were arrested for DUI, 14 drug blocks were searched and 438 stops and searches were done.

On Friday, officers from the San Fernando CID and Southern Division Task Force searched the King’s Wharf area and found a firearm hidden in an old refrigerator. No one was arrested. Around 2.30 am, Sunday, PC Tika and PC Young were searching hotspot areas. On driving through Lucky Street, La Romaine, they saw a known troublemaker in the area walking with a bag in his hand.

On seeing the police, the man dropped a bag and ran off. A Glock 17 pistol loaded with 10 rounds of ammunition and a packet containing six grammes of marijuana was found in the bag.

SOURCE: (Kevon Felmine)