COP leaders sees no positives in Cabinet realignment

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 12:30

The Congress of the People (COP) does not see much value in the realignment of the Cabinet announced on Monday.

The COP issued this response to the Cabinet changes.

"Yesterday morning, the Prime Minister announced the reshuffle of his Cabinet which was heralded by a media release from his office describing the announcement as “anticipated”. 

 “The Rowley PNM Cabinet, after just one year, has failed to present a coherent and substantial blueprint for resolving the economic, crime or any other major problem confronting our society and failed to deliver real solutions. It is this failure that is behind yesterday’s firing of 2 Ministers and cosmetic changes at the head of other Ministries’ COP Political Leader, Dr. Anirudh Mahabir, pointed out today.

“For example, Government is in a holding pattern with the economy, with no more than a hope that energy commodity prices will increase by 2018. Or, faced with the out-of-control murderous crime explosion, the Prime Minister’s recent responses have gone from throwing his hands in the air to now appointing himself as a 4th ‘hands on’ Minister to oversee ‘community policing’” the COP Leader continued.

“This PNM Government has exposed a real lack of talent and the changes to the Cabinet line-up will not change that. For example, a Minister has not been able to decide on the revision of the speed limits called for immediately following the introduction of the speed gun. But, he replaces another under whose leadership our public utilities have deteriorated and are failing to meet the basic needs of our citizens.

“The only other aspect of this reshuffle is the re-confirmation of a single Cabinet Minister as a Minister in 2 Ministries with possibly 2 Ministerial salaries.” Dr. Mahabir added. 

 “I imagine this reshuffle, possibly the earliest in the life of any PNM administration, and which confirms the failure to deliver real solutions to serious problems, could only have been “anticipated” by those in the ruling party who vainly hope that somehow this may hide the empty rhetoric of a hapless regime.” the COP Political Leader concluded."