COP sets November 19th as date of election of political leader

The Congress of the People (COP) has set Sunday November 19th as the date for the election of a political leader.

This follows a consent order from the court for a meeting of the National Executive on membership applications.

The COP issued the following statement today:

"The Congress of the People (COP), at the National Council (NATCO) meeting held on Sunday 8 th October 2017, in keeping with a consent order from the courts of Trinidad and Tobago, that the National Executive (NATEX) of the COP meet to address issues of membership applications and to set new dates of the postponed election of a Political Leader.

It should be noted, that of the thirty-five applicants, a committee comprising members of NATEX, with the exception of Kirt Francis (recused), was set up in accordance with policies and procedures to interview three members of the thirty-five who had either taken up key positions or formed their own political party after leaving the COP and were required therefore to attend the special screening by this committee.

Those three persons were ask to submit to the screening committee: 1. A letter of resignation from the party they either joined or formed, after leaving the COP. 2. A letter of acceptance from the said organization.

All three applicants refused to attend this screening and therefore, could not be granted membership within the Congress of the people.

The court recognised Mr. Jamieson Bahadur as Chairman, and other members of the past executive who are willing to serve until such time, as elections are held for the positions of both Political leader of the COP and the National Executive.

In keeping with the constitution of the COP, article 17.3, allows for the National Council to appoint interim members, to serve in vacant positions on the National Executive.

The Council therefore, voted to waive standing order #16, the motion was then laid on the floor and carried, allowing for the interim appointments of the following persons, to the National Executive (NATEX) of the Congress of the People. Ms. Indra Narayansingh, Deputy Chairman (interim) Mr. Zenel Hassan, Secretary – Finance (interim) Ms. Sharon Fraser, Secretary – Communications (interim) Mr. Wendell Eversley, Secretary – Membership & Mobilization (interim).

Those appointed above will serve until fresh NATEX elections are held by the COP.On invitation to the NATCO meeting, Mr. David Kidney, Attorney at Law, who represented the defendant, stated that the claimant Mr. Kirt Francis withdrew his claim against the defendant Mr. Jamieson Bahadur and the COP.

There is therefore now, NO case against the COP, before the Courts of Trinidad & Tobago. Chairman Bahadur reminded the National Council meeting that “it is incumbent on all of us, to continue to build this party, knowing that Trinidad & Tobago needs to have a Government, who would operate as servants of the people in moving our country forward”.

The date for the election of a Political Leader of the Congress of the People has been set for Sunday November 19th 2017 between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. Nomination day is Monday 23rd October, and the withdrawal deadline would be on Friday 3rd November 2017."