Cops kill man in Beetham

Police are bracing for possible backlash after officers shot and killed a man from Beetham Gardens early this morning after a brief confrontation.

Kerwin 'Natty' James, 39, of 8th Street, Beetham Gardens, died at the Port of Spain General Hospital after he was shot by patrolling officers of the Inter-Agency Task Force around 4 am.

The officers said they were on patrol when they allegedly saw a man walking with a gun.

They said upon confronting the man, he opened fire on them. The officers returned fire and James was hit.

James was taken to the hospital where he died hours later.

Following the incident, messages were spread on social media warning of an impending protest by residents of the area. But up to a short while ago, no such activity had materialised.

Police said James was known to them as he had previous drug and firearm-related offences.

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