Couple ambushed in Aripo, man beaten, car stolen

An Arima man was beaten and left for dead near the Aripo River, after a gunman pounced on him and a woman as they sat in a vehicle on Saturday.

Gerald Gomez, 67, was rescued after a retired police officer stopped a passing police patrol, and taken to hospital for treatment. His companion, whose name was not released by police, escaped injury.

Police said the couple was seated in a Nissan AD wagon near the river around 1.30 pm when they were confronted by a masked man, armed with a gun, who emerged from nearby bushes and ordered them out of the vehicle.

Police said Gomez tried to fight off the gunman and was struck repeatedly to the head. The 47-year-old woman ran into the bush and hid, police said.

The gunman drove off with Gomez’s vehicle.

Police said a retired police officer found Gomez bleeding at the side of the road about two hours after the incident and stopped a police vehicle on patrol. The injured man was taken to the Sangre Grande District Hospital for treatment.

The woman managed to stop another vehicle and headed out of Aripo, police said.

Police later intercepted the stolen car in Diego Martin and arrested the driver.

Valencia police led by Sgt Edwards and including PCs Mootilal, Wallace, Boodram, Benoit and WPC Joseph are continuing investigations.

Source: (Ralph Banwarie)

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