Couple jailed for stealing security cameras from PriceSmart

A woman and her husband who stole a security camera system because the wife “liked it” and she is often alone home were each jailed for nine months yesterday.

Mala Rampersad-Deonarine, 46, a geriatric nurse and Neil Deonarine, 49, a labourer, of Carat Hill, Barrackpore, were caught red-handed stealing the camera system, three ladies’ vest and a men’s short pants, together valued at $2,794.75 from PriceSmart Ltd, in La Romaine.

They pleaded guilty in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court. The husband had never been in trouble with the law, but his wife had a conviction dating back from 1988 for larceny and making a false declaration.

Court prosecutor Cleyon Seedan said around 4.30 pm on Friday the couple was seen placing the items into a black bag and they then left the establishment without paying for them.

They were stopped by the security officer who found the items in the bag. The couple admitted taking the items. Deonarine said, “My wife tell me this camera system will look good home and I tell she we can’t afford it and she tell me to put it in she handbag and I did it.”

The wife said, “I see the camera system and I liked it and I wanted it. We don’t have plenty money so I tell my husband to put it in my bag.”

They were charged by WPC De Bourg. The couple, who has a 14-year-old daughter, did not have an attorney. The husband apologised to Senior Magistrate Cherril-Anne Antoine for his actions.

Deonarine, who spent the weekend in the police station, said it was the first time that he ever experienced anything like that.

“It is the first time I come to court or go to jail,” he said. Rampersad-Deonarine was also apologetic. She said, “I really don’t know why it just get to me. We never do these things before, but I am so sorry.”

Asked about the 1988 offence, Rampersad-Deonarine said she was fined for those offences. She said after that incident she changed her life, got married and had a child.

Asked why they stole the items, the wife said her husband would get up around 2.30 am to leave for work and she would be alone home. The husband said he was not going to sell the items. Before passing sentence the magistrate advised them that they should have saved up to buy the items. Antoine ordered that the items be returned to PriceSmart.

Source: (Sascha Wilson)

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