Defending Calypso Monarch "Chalkdust" to sing in 9th position

Carlos James 'Skate' will perform first come Sunday night for the Calypso Monarch crown.

Dexter Parsons the stinger is in second position,

Michael Osouna ‘Sugar Aloes’ third position.

Kurt Allen ‘The last Bad John of Calypso’ is in fourth position

Alana Sinnette Khan ‘Lady Watchman’ will be the fifth position followed by the reigning Soca Monarch Aaron St Louis, ‘The Voice’.

He will make way for Singing Sandra, followed by Michael Legerton ‘Protector’ in 8th position.

The defending monarch Hollis Liverpool ‘Chalkdust’ is in ninth position.

Myron B is tenth, Karen Asche 11th, Joanne Rowley 12th followed by Selvon Noel ‘Mistah Shak’ then Helon Francis.

Stacey Sobers is in 15th position and Rondell Donawa with his song the problem will perform at position number 16.

The draw for positions took place earlier today at the National Academy for the Performing Arts.

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