Detainees escaped through loose galvanized sheet

Monday, December 24, 2018 - 13:00

A feeble galvanized Sheet in the television room at the Immigration Detention Centre was all five men had to shift to flee to freedom.

Two detainees who witnessed the escape and spoke to CNC3 said the five men pushed their bodies against the galvanized sheet to raise it... and crawled through the opening onto the roof.

The five men have been identified as Guyanese National Ryan Badal, Venezuelan Nationals: Jose Yanez, Rodney Noel Reyes Mendoza and Luis Sifontes and Jamaican National Krishna Bailey. A senior official at the IDC told CNC3 that the men escaped just before 7 pm... 
And after gaining access to the roof, ran to the Southern side of the compound and jumped from the roof over the 15 feet high fence and disappeared.

The escape happened while officers were outside -- in a Christmas gathering -- and the discovery was made only about three hours later when the officers came to take an official head count before locking down the facility.
Some of the detainees told CNC3 In a telephone interview that many other persons were aware of the escape route... but choose not to leave, since most of them being held there were not criminals.
Meanwhile, police say the hunt continues for the five men who so far have eluded the best efforts of the police in the Northern Division.
Mark Bassant, CNC3 News.