Detour-Tech: We're being replaced because we're not "international enough" for MovieTowne

Friday, July 15, 2016 - 00:00

The managers of Detour-Tech say the reason they are being replaced from MovieTowne, is because they are not "international" enough particularly since well-known international chain Starbucks is seeking space at MovieTowne.

Detour-Tech says it believes that the managers of MovieTowne want only international companies at the front of the establishment.

Detour-Tech has since taken down the signage that suggested the company was being wrongfully evicted and a new sign will replace it on Monday.

The following is a statement the managers of Detour-Tech issued today, which makes no mention of the word "eviction".

"Barada Information Systems Ltd., trading currently as DETOUR-tech, wishes to clarify the present situation at our MovieTowne store as reported in the media.

We have been exceptional A-Class tenants at MovieTowne for the past fourteen (14) years, and have successfully operated an electronics store there which currently trades as DETOUR-tech.

We once held a tenancy agreement and for several years understood that it would be renewed. 

However, despite relying on the good-faith relationship we thought we shared with Movie Towne, we were sent notice of termination of our tenancy at this location, which had become month to month, in order to facilitate their replacement tenant – which we understand to be yet another coffee shop.

Barada was shocked by this conduct as we had operated in good-faith with MovieTowne for over fourteen (14) years. We also were told that the only real reason for this was that we were not “International” enough for this premium space. And that MovieTowne only wanted “International” brand names at the front “premium” retail spaces of the Mall.

Barada Information Systems Ltd. respects the decision of MovieTowne to terminate the lease and expresses its disappointment of this development.

Barada Information Systems Ltd. which operates DETOUR-tech, will continue to provide quality products and service to its customers at its other 6 locations nationwide."