Don't deface national emblems, says National Security Ministry

The Ministry of National Security has issued a statement, seeking to remind citizens that mutilating and/or defacing of the national emblems is strictly prohibited.

These included the Coat of Arms, the National Flag and the National Flower (Chaconia).

The Ministry is asking the public to ensure that at all times due respect is paid to these emblems.

"It is generally observed that during the Carnival season, revelers engage in displaying these emblems in a manner that is not usually in keeping with the highest regard associated with their use," the statement says.

"Citizens are encouraged to cherish and respect our symbols of Nationhood within our communities and in Cyberspace," it adds. 

It says the national emblems are regarded as Sacrosanct and must be treated accordingly.

Last week a different version of the Coat of Arms was shared online, in which the national birds were replaced by two gyrating women, the hummingbirds were replaced by logos of beer brands, the three ships replaced by two maxi taxis, and the national motto "Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve", replaced by the words, "Just Hold Dem and Wuk Dem".