Dry taps in Port-of-Spain; DOMA complains about WASA's failure to communicate

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 00:00

The Downtown Owners and Merchants Association says it cannot get information from WASA about why water supply in the capital city has been cut.

The lack of water has affected several businesses in Port-of-Spain.

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The following is DOMA's statement:

"In response to calls being received we wish to publicly advise Restaurant Operators, Fast Food Outlets, Food Court Tenants and Bakery’s in the Port-of-Spain area that we are unable to provide any reliable information at this time as to when the supply of water will be returned to the City.
Several calls to the Water and Sewage Authority have not yet yielded any reliable information and we still cannot determine exactly why the supply was interrupted so as to have a clearer understanding of how long to expect the current interruption to last.
We have to say that we are extremely disappointed and very surprised that the water supply would be taken away without any advance warning or without any notice or information so as to know how to run many of the businesses which depend on water to maintain their operations.
We shall continue to press for information and as soon as we know more we will make an announcement . We also intend to insist on better communication in the future so that dry taps are not the public relations technique used to advise us of the interruption of water supply."

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