EMA cracks down on hardware for dust pollution

Monday, May 23, 2016 - 00:00

The Environmental Management Authority is cracking down on a Central hardware, accused of causing dust pollution.

The EMA has issued the following statement on the matter:

"In keeping with its regulatory mandate and following receipt of continuous complaints of dust pollution emanating from the operations at Dindial’s Central Hardware Limited (DCHL), namely an aggregate stockpile, and following several attempts to rectify the situation via a consent agreement, having weighed the public interest and its right to take further enforcement action, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) filed an application for enforcement before the Environmental Commission on 16th May, 2016.

Among the mitigation measures agreed to by DCHL to abate the generation of dust at its compound included the use of dust screens, sediment silt sieves and berming of the stockpile area. The EMA, having conducted several site vists to DCHL to evaluate the status of agreed implementation measures of the consent agreement, observed that none of the mitigation measures were implemented.

By letter dated 23rd March, 2016 the EMA wrote to DCHL stating that it was in breach of the consent agreement and that it should implement all mitigation measures within seven (7) working days, which was calculated to end on 6th April, 2016. On 13th April, 2016 DCHL wrote to the EMA representing that it had complied with the mitigation measures by erecting a 20 foot perimeter fence around the site, frequently sprinkling the stockpile with water and washing the wheels of trucks before they left the site.

The EMA conducted another site visit on 13th April, 2016 and once again concluded that DCHL was in breach of the terms of the Consent Agreement. Another visit was conducted on 13th May, 2016 and again, DCHL was found in breach of the terms of the consent agreement.

Further to the filing of an application for enforcement against DCHL to the Environmental Commission, the matter has been listed for hearing on 1st July, 2016."

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