Female entertainers, athletes in topless campaign supporting gymnast Thema Williams

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - 00:00

Local entertainer Nikki Crosby has launched an online campaign in support of gymnast Thema Williams, showing the backs of 12 topless women.

Crosby, who has been critical of the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnatic Federation’s decision to refer the athlete to the disciplinary committee, has enlisted the help of other prominent female media and sporting personalities in the online campaign titled #wesupportthema .

The online poster features a group of women replicating Thema’s photo.

Crosby accused the TTGF of double standards and victimization, saying Thema has always faced an uphill battle in her quest to represent this country at an international level.

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Crosby says the group of women in the campaign which includes, soca artiste Fayann Lyons-Alvarez, football captain Maylee Attin-Johnson, actress Penelope Spencer and others, will continue to highlight the issue.

Crosby admits the fight is personal and thema is her god-daughter, as such she is familiar with the young athlete's struggles and her commitment level to the sport and the country.

She says the campaign has been embraced by all but says if she has to take a topless protest to Woodford Square to expose the victimization she would.

Crosby says Thema Williams deserves her spot to represent T&T in the Rio 2016 Olympics and has worked had in 17 years for this moment.

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