Female police constable, 4-year-old daughter escape abductors after getaway car crashes

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - 09:15

A 31-year-old woman police constable and her four-year-old child had a lucky escape after they were abducted during a home invasion at her family’s Tamana home on Sunday night.

The cop and her child walked away from the ordeal when her abductors abandoned her and their getaway vehicle after it crashed into a motorcyclist and ran off the road.

The mother and child were said to be still traumatised last night after being treated and discharged from the Sangre Grande Hospital.

According to police reports, around 9.30 pm Sunday, three armed men entered the cop’s home, where they beat the family, which included the victim’s brother, father and mother. Her brother was also stabbed during the attack.

The bandits then bundled the officer and her child into the back seat of the vehicle and drove off with them. However, a short while later the bandit at the wheel crashed into a motorcycle rider, lost control of the car and ran off the road. The bandits immediately abandoned the vehicle and hostages and escaped on foot into the Tamana Forest.

The barefooted officer and her baby were rescued by residents and taken back home to relatives, after which they were carried to the hospital. The victim’s brother, father and mother also received medical treatment and they too were said to be traumatised.

Cpl de La Rosa and PC Cielto, of the Sangre Grande CID, were the first responders and were later joined by Cumuto police and Northern Division officers.

Villagers told police the bandits were taken to the village by a PH driver. He was detained while making his way out of Tamana on foot and was being interrogated up to last night.

Angry villagers are now calling on acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams to increase patrol in this rural village, as criminals are now targeting them.

Investigators said they had no motive for the attempted kidnapping.