Fiance: Abductors concocted plan about teacher's alleged sexual affair with 15-year-old

Monday, May 2, 2016 - 00:00

Convinced that Keston Mahabir’s abductors had concocted a ploy to discredit him, fiance Shereeza Mohammed has come out in his defence, saying he was never sexually involved with his teenaged student.

In an interview with the T&T Guardian, Mohammed said 26-year-old Mahabir was always concerned about upholding his good name and would never engage in such activity. 

Saying there was no way the teacher would ever put himself with a 15-year-old, Mohammed said: “If that was the case I want to know how that happened because I knew all his whereabouts.”

She explained that Mahabir, who is the owner of Keston’s Educational Institute, always treated his students with respect. 

“He did his classes at home. He would never jeopardise his career or his good name. He had nothing at all with that little girl,” Mohammed said. 

The petite woman, who moved in with Mahabir six weeks ago, described him as “the sweetest guy ever.

“I am feeling so bad right now because everybody is saying the worst things about him. My family does not want to believe what happened and neither do I. We know Keston and this is not something that he will do,” Mohammed added.

She said she had known Mahabir for several months and his behaviour during their time together never gave any sign of such a possibility. 

“When I met Keston, he was the sweetest guy ever. I never knew him to be a promiscuous person so I will not believe this,” Mohammed added.

Saying she was convinced Mahabir was still alive, Mohammed renewed her call for his abductors to release him.

One of the man’s relatives said she too did not believe the accusations levelled against Mahabir by the teenager.

“I know the girlfriends he had and he always brought them home. Everybody saying he had sex with the little girl but this is not adding up. They making Keston look like a pervert and he was not like that,” the relative, who did not want to be identified, said. One of Mahabir’s sisters said they were continuing to pray for his safe return.

“We know he will come home to fight this allegation. Not all that is said about him is true. This whole scenario is not true.

“Only God knows the truth and we are hoping Keston will come home and defend this allegation,” she added.

She said the family were engaged in deep spiritual prayers and were confident that Mahabir would return home.

Mahabir, of Pitiman Trace, Sonny Ladoo Road, Mc Bean, Couva, was snatched around noon on March 21. Police said two women, posing as officials from the Education Ministry, visited his home to discuss registration of his school.

However, while the women were chatting with Mahabir in a room at the back of his house where the school is located, a silver Tiida pulled up on the compound, three men got out, grabbed him, bundled him into the car and sped off. 

Anyone with information on Mahabir’s whereabouts can contact Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS.

Source: (Radhica Sookraj)