FIU denies news article that it cleared Sealots man's purchase of Range Rover

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has denied providing information to the Newsday newspaper, claiming that a cleared a Sealots man of any suspicious transaction in the purchase of a Range Rover vehicle.

The article appeared on the Newsday's website today.

The FIU issued the following statement on the matter.

"An article titled “FIU clears purchase of Range Rover by suspected gang leader” written by Nalinee Seelal and published online by the Newsday dated July 25, 2018 has come to the attention of the Financial Intelligence Unit (“the FIU”) of Trinidad and Tobago.

The article claims that “The Financial Intelligence Unit has cleared a Sea Lots man, identified by police as a gang leader, of any suspicious transaction in his recent purchase of a Range Rover believed to be valued at over $700,000.”

The article further states that “FIU sources said investigations showed the buyer used the money from three businesses to acquire the Range Rover.”

The FIU wishes to make it very clear that:

• The FIU does NOT investigate and did not provide the information in this article.

• ABSOLUTELY NO sources from the FIU spoke to Ms. Seelal on the matter referred to in the article.

The FIUTT wishes to reiterate that it functions as a specialised intelligence agency.

It receives reports of suspicious transactions and activities from Financial Institutions and certain business sectors which it analyses and produces an intelligence report which is then sent to Law Enforcement Authorities for them to investigate."

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