Forensic pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov resigns

After today forensic pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov will no longer be employed at the Forensic Science Centre.

With over a year service still to go Alexandrov resigned citing health reasons.

Alexandrov says he has high blood pressure and at 70-years-old is being subjected to manually lift bodies, some decomposed.

He gave his resignation with his last day effective August 31 but on the request of his seniors, he remained one week longer.

The National Security Ministry is attempting to finalize its contract with fellow pathologist Dr Eslyn Mcdonald-Burris by the end of next week. The Forensics Centre has three pathologists who work in a one in three-week roster.

On Monday, with 13 autopsies to be done and limited staff, Alexandrov was close to abandoning his job but with the intervention of the centre's director Arlene LLewis, the necessary assistance was found and nine of the autopsies were conducted.

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