Granny begs police to find grandchildren

Blind grandmother Bhagwanie Sookoo yesterday begged the public to help find her daughter and three grandchildren who went missing on Saturday.

She said she was disappointed that the police were not out searching for Veronica Young and her daughters.

Sookoo, of Mohess Road, Penal, who assists in caring for Young’s children said she has not been able to eat or sleep since the family, Vanessa, 10, Marisha, seven, and Calissa, two, went missing along with their mother.

All three are students of Penal Government school and Sookoo said she did not think that Young walked out of their lives with her daughters leaving her husband Marcus and son Antonio, 12, behind.

“I wish they were here. On Saturday, I went to get an injection and when I asked her where she was going, she said to San Fernando.

There was no misunderstanding or argument. They looked okay. They had no bags or anything to show that they were leaving for good so I think something bad must have happened,” Sookoo said.

Step-father-in-law Baldeo Samaroo said he dropped Young and her three daughters on the SS Erin Road to get a taxi to go to San Fernando on Saturday.

“I was in shock when they called me on Saturday night to say none of them came back home. I took care of Marisha. She used to stay with me. I used to take them out to the mall. For her birthday she said she wanted a phone. I hope she will be here for her birthday,” Samaroo said.

Sister-in-law Annette Ali said a report has been made to the police but no one has been searching for the family.

Ali said Young’s husband Marcus Sookoo has been staying in Los Iros where he is working on a house. She said he came back home on Sunday and left again.

“It is really hard for him. We know that she is a bit naive and she could get set up. We are very worried about the children,” Ali said. She said she often warned Young about going to San Fernando to beg with her children.

“We knew it was dangerous. Lots of people used to come and drop stuff for them and we used to help out. We really want her to come back home with the children,” Ali said.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Young and her three daughters can contact the Penal police station at 647-8888.

Penal police were actively investigating the matter but had no leads.

They said the missing person’s report was only lodged on Tuesday.

Source: (Radhica Sookraj)

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