Helon Francis is new Calypso Monarch

Helon Francis is the new Calypso Monarch, dethroning Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool in Sunday night's final at the Dimanche Gras show on the big stage at the Queen's Park Savannah.

Francis, singing "Change" before the judges and savannah audience, pipped Soca Monarch Aaron "The Voice" St Louis, who placed second with his song, "Year For Love", the same song that won him his third Soca Monarch in a row on Friday.  

Rondell Donawa placed 3rd with "De Problem".

Liverpool could not repeat his winning performance of 2017 and in fact, placed last in the line-up of 17 singers on the night.

Duanne O'Connor, who was allowed to enter the competition via a ruling of the High Court at 6pm Sunday, placed 7th.

O'Connor had challenged his omission from the final after the score sheet showed that one of the judges had changed the points he had initially allocated.

Meanwhile, Roxanne Omalo won the Queen of Carnival competition with "Mistress of the Eternally Damned" and Earl Thompson was adjudged the King of Carnival with "Death and the Maiden".

The full results are as follows:


1st Helon Francis - "Change"

2nd Aaron "The Voice" St Louis - "Year For Love"

3rd Rondell Donawa - "De Problem"

4th Michael "Protector" Legerton - "We could do better than that"

5th TIED Joanne "Tigress" Rowley - "Rowley to Rowley"

5th TIED Myron "Myron B" Bruce - "The Great Nation"

7th Duane O'Conner - "No Front Page"

8th TIED Karene Asche - "Song of Inspiration"

8th TIED Dexter "The Stinger" Parsons - "Chinese Tuition"

10th Kurt "The Last Bard John of Calypso - "Circle Square Science"

11th Alana "Lady Watchman" Sinnette - "Dead Beat"

12th Selvon "Mistah Shak" Noel - "Rebellion"

13th Stacey Sobers - "Calypso Capital"

14th Sandra "Singing Sandra" Des Vignes Millington - "Power in Song"

15th Michael "Sugar Aloes" Osouna - "Finally"

16th Carlos "Skatie" James - "Ah Cutback"

17th Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool 



1st Roxanne Omalo - "Lilith, Mistress of the Eternally Damned"

2nd TIED Krystal Thomas - "De Head Mistress"

2nd TIED Gloria Dallsingh - "Gem of the Ocean 



1st Earl Thompson - "Death and the Maiden"

2nd Ted Eustace - "Dos Bandditos

3rd TIED Marlon Rampersad - "D Midas Touch"

3rd TIED Ravi Lackhan - "Balrog, Bringer of the Apocalypse"

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