International: Kim Jong-Un threatens to pull out talks with Donald Trump

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 18:45

Kim Jong-Un has threatened to pull out of the upcoming summit with Donald Trump after American troops joined South Korea in a military exercise.

North Korea's propaganda agency also claimed that Pyongyang officials have axed high-level talks with Seoul in response to the war games - dubbed Max Thunder.

It warned that the US will "have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned North Korea-US summit in light of this provocative military ruckus".

South Korean news agency Yonhap claimed: "The North's Korean Central News Agency said the Max Thunder drills between the South Korean and US air forces are a rehearsal for invasion of the North and a provocation amid warming inter-Korean ties.

"The high-level talks were meant to take place on the southern side of the truce village of Panmunjom to discuss follow-up measures to the two Korean leaders' summit last month."

Last week the President revealed the hotly anticipated meeting between himself and the North Korean leader on Twitter.