Man held in connection with aiding and abetting prison escapees

A man well known to police was arrested at his one Woodbrook place apartment last night for allegedly aiding and abetting the two escapees Olatunji Denbow and Michael Findlay who remain at large.

Investigators told Guardian Media the suspect who had a string of matters previously in court, including murder was held by a team of police officers from the Port of Spain task force under the supervision of inspector powder sometime last night.

He remains in police custody at the Besson Street police station.

Denbow and Findlay along with six other men escaped from the golden grove remand yard prison in Arouca on May 15th.

The six other escapees were held within 24 hours of their escape. 

Denbow and Findlay were among five arrested and charged for the Feb­ru­ary 2016 dou­ble mur­ders of con­struc­tion work­ers An­dre La Touche and Abi­o­la Noel.

Den­bow, in an al­leged state­ment re­leased on so­cial me­dia sub­se­quent to last Wednes­day’s prison break from the Gold­en Grove re­mand yard prison, said he has been locked up three years, due to, an al­leged, col­lab­o­ra­tion by cor­rupt po­lice and a pro­fes­sion­al paid state wit­ness adding that she was al­so a wit­ness in three oth­er mur­der cas­es.

A $50,000 re­ward is now be­ing of­fered by crime stop­pers for in­for­ma­tion that would lead to the re­cap­ture of den­bow and find­ley.

Po­lice have described both men as armed and very dangerous.

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