Man shot dead in San Fernando

Police are on the scene of a murder in San Fernando where a man was found dead in a car.

Resident says that around 1.30 pm, they heard gunshots in the area and looked out and saw a green Nissan Almera in the middle of the road at the corner of Vistabella Road and Hubert Rance Street.

Inside the car was the body of an unidentified man who was seated on the front passenger's seat.

He was slumped over the centre console.

The rear passenger door had holes that appeared to have been caused by bullets. 

Residents believe the car drove into a dead end street and while driving out, a gunman who was positioned in the bushes on a hill, opened fire on the car.

The car drove onto an embankment and fliped into road.

It is believed that the driver ran off.

Enquiries are continuing.

- by Kevon Felmine

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