Massy to send home 70 Barbados workers

Monday, January 18, 2016 - 00:00

Massy Stores is sending home 70 workers from its Barbados branch of stores, according to an article published in the Barbados Today newspaper.

The figure represents a reduction from the 190 workers initially targetted.

The consultant to the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) Sir Roy Trotman, made the disclosure Sunday afternoon shortly after meeting with over 100 Massy workers for two hours at the union’s Solidarity House headquarters.

The trade unionist stressed that the significant reduction in the number of workers to be sent home did not come about by the efforts of the workers alone, but by the goodwill on the part of the employers.

Sir Roy, the former General Secretary of the BWU, added that 35 persons from the Massy supermarkets across the island have volunteered to go and another 18 from the home stores.

In addition, Sir Roy disclosed that the BWU has taken affirmative action to safeguard the well being of workers who are differently able.

Addressing the concerns of workers who are close to retirement, Sir Roy gave them the assurance that the union will be representing them for the full duration of their employment, up until the pensionable age.

Sir Roy announced that both parties hope to conclude discussions tomorrow at a meeting which is scheduled to be held at union headquarters.