Mother of two dies after 40-foot "fall" in Tobago; family points to post-partum depression

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - 17:30

A young mother of two has died at hospital, two days after family said she fell 40 feet from her family's Tobago house.

Abigail Young Sing succumbed to her injuries just after 3pm Wednesday.

Her sister Charlotte Young Sing posted a message on Facebook today, asking friends, family and well-wishers to pray for Abigail as she explained the circumstances in which she was injured.

"Monday the 5th of September at 5:45 am My role model and older sister Abby fell 40 feet from the third story of her Tobago house," she wrote.

"Words cannot describe what it was like finding her body nestled in a lemon tree but After saying the 'Our Father' out loud God gave me the strength to pull her out. While her husband and my mom stood at my side holding up the branches of thorns," she added.

Charlotte suggested post-partum depression, a type of clinical depression which can occur after childbirth, might have led to Abigail's eventual death.

She said: "The perks of being a mom is tangible beautiful kids that love us unconditionally but what many people don't tell you is that Post Partum Depression is real and it's side effects can be devastating and its symptoms can be easily missed.

"Anyone who knows Abby knows that she lives for her children (CNC3 has omitted the names of children here) and would never do anything to hurt herself or the ones she loves but her disillusioned state left her vulnerable to danger," she said.

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She added that "the loss of both her grandfather-in-law and grandfather in the past few months made us take her symptoms to be grief".

At the time of her post, Charlotte was praying for a miracle as she noted that Abigail was She is currently in critical condition and fighting for her life. 

Charlotte called on Facebook users to share the post if they were touched by Abigail's life, by the story she posted and "if you or someone you love has suffered from Post Partum Depression".

"We hope that by sharing this post that we are able to make others more aware of Post Partum Depression and that awareness will save lives," she said.

Charlotte's post was shared close to 2,000 times with hundreds saying they would join in prayer for her, all before they learnt of her passing.