Muslim Woman's Organisation offers support to Nafisah Nakhid

The National Muslim Women’s Organization of Trinidad and Tobago says it is standing in solidarity with Nafisah Nakhid, who it says was "denied her constitutional right as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago".

The organisation notes that the freedom to uphold the beliefs and practices of ones religion without discrimination, is enshrined in the Constitution. 

"In Islam, wearing the hijab is in guidance given within the Quran and a practice Sister Nafisah upholds since age nine. The suggestion made to her to “remove the covering” on the compound of Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College is inflammatory and disregards her fundamental human right as a Muslim Sister. It is unacceptable that such demands were made and incredibly disheartening that this experience took place within the month of Ramadhan where religious practices of Muslims are often amplified," the organisation said. 

It added that these circumstances have reopened widespread national dialogue on the freedom to uphold the beliefs and practices of ones religion without fear and bigotry.

"We offer our unwavering support to Nafisah as an organization that seeks to empower women and advance sisterhood within communities locally and globally. Today and always, we stand with all right-thinking citizens who are protected under the rights that are enshrined in the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago, internationally regarded as countries that place significant importance to diversity and inclusion, and adhere to the watchwords of: Discipline, Tolerance and Production, where “Every creed and race finds an equal place.” 

The statement, written by president Donna Ali, came on "behalf of all members of National Muslim Women's Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago.

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