MV Britannia on 7th call to Tobago this season

The cruise ship MV Britannia has made its 7th and final call for the current cruise season to Tobago today, with 3,553 passengers on board.

The MV Britannia is the largest ship in P&O Cruises’ UK fleet with a capacity for 4,324 passengers and 1,398 crew members.

It made its maiden voyage to the island on December 14, 2017, and has brought 24,269 passengers to Tobago for the entire season.

Today’s cruise call is one of 43 in total that the destination has received since the start of the cruise season in November 2017, bringing a total of 62,254 passengers to Tobago’s shores.

It is expected that 10 additional cruise ship calls will be made to the island before the current season comes to an end in May 2018.

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