National Security Minister: Observe the law in carrying out citizen's arrests

The Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon is today calling on all citizens to respect the rule of law when attempting to execute a citizen’s arrest in accordance with the Criminal Law Act Chapter 10:04 Section 3 (2).

A statement by the Ministry of National Security states that Minister Dillon offers condolences to the family of Ashdale Mc Hutchinson and condemns the fatal attack on him.

He noted in this case that, that prior to making a citizen’s arrest, law enforcement personnel should have been immediately alerted rather than residents resorting to taking the matter into their own hands.

Citizens have the power under the Criminal Law Act Chapter 10:04 Section 3 (2) to make a citizen’s arrest in two instances: if a person is in the act of committing an arrestable or serious offense, or was witnessed committing an offence.

The statement says that anything outside of these parameters would be considered illegal, especially if assault is involved.

It states that Minister Dillon is calling on citizens to work closely with law enforcement to police their respective communities in an effort to reduce crime and lawlessness.

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