Paternal grandmother of sextuplets born in 2013 speaks out on recent baby deaths

Friday, November 20, 2015 - 00:00

The paternal grandmother of sextuplets born to Petra Lee Foon and Kieron Cummings, in 2013 is making a desperate plea for more to be done to save lives of newborn babies at the nation's hospitals. 

Three of babies born to that couple had died soon after birth and now Patronella Philip-Cummings, the mother of Keiron Cummings is asking, how many more must die before the health sector improves.

The following is Patronella Philip-Cummings' full statement:

"The year 2013 was an unforgettable one for me, that’s the year I witnessed the cremation of four grandchildren. Three from my son’s sextuplets and my daughter’s full term son whose restlessness was dismissed by the nurses on duty at Mt Hope as typical newborn behavior without even looking at the child.

Since then I have seen so many mothers cry after ill-fated deliveries and cannot help but ask-

Why are we making it BIGGER instead of BETTER?

Do we need another children’s hospital when we cannot manage those that already exist?

Are the maternity units now staffed with neonatologists since the retirement of Dr. Manning-Alleyne?

With all of the Scholarships and Gate generated programs provided, is emphasis placed on providing the country with much needed specialists in critical areas of health care?

How many more must die?

I am appealing to the nursing staff at these maternity units, please do not ignore mothers when they complain about their feelings. “Who feels it knows it!”

Health care is more than going in and out of a hospital. It is supposed to take care of the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of patients.

When I see billions of dollars being spent on health care I wonder where the money goes! We are certainly NOT getting value for money.

Authorities continue to do the same things over and over expecting different results!

With a new Dispensation in place I sincerely hope some change can come. My sympathy to all the grieving mothers and families out there.

Lord put a hand!!

Patronella Philip-Cummings
Paternal Grandmother of Sextuplets"