Petrotrin working with established centres to rehabilitate affected birds

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 21:45

State-owned oil company, Petrotrin says it is working with established centres to rehabilitate birds impacted by the oil spill.

Petrotrin says anyone with information about affected wildlife, should contact its 24-hour emergency hotline.

The following is a statement by Petrotrin.

"Petrotrin continues an appeal to members of the public to share information to support its efforts to rescue birds and wildlife possibly impacted by the spill that occurred on one of its tanks on Sunday, 2017 April 23. 

Following Sunday’s oil spill at Pointe-a-Pierre, Petrotrin personnel have been engaged in round the clock containment, clean-up and recovery efforts supported by the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries as well as its regulatory agencies. 

Monitoring, including aerial surveys both on land and offshore, has also been continuous. To date, no impact has been identified in neighbouring communities. 

Minister with responsibility for Agriculture, Land and Fisheries – Senator the Hon. Clarence Rambharat visited the Incident Command Center and was taken on a tour of some of the impacted areas. He was accompanied by Petrotrin’s President, Fitzroy Harewood and Vice President Refining and Marketing, Mr. Astor Harris. 

In keeping with its Oiled Wildlife Management Plan, Petrotrin has been working together with established centres for the search, rescue and rehabilitation of impacted birds and wildlife.

Of the wildlife rescued, some birds are being rehabilitated at the Emperor Valley Zoo, as well as at the El Socorro Wildlife Orphanage. 

Concerned members of the public with information about oiled wildlife and oil-sightings are urged to contact its 24-hour emergency response hotline - 658-SAFE (7233). 

Clean-up operations will continue around the clock until the situation is resolved."