PNM Women's League slams President's choice of Dr Kriyaan Singh as an Independent Senator

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - 00:00

The PNM's Women's League is taking issue with the decision by President Anthony Carmona, to appoint Dr Kriyaan Singh as an Independent Senator saying he has demonstrated open bias against the PNM and its political leader Dr Keith Rowley.

The PNM's Women's League issued this statement today:

"The People's National Movement (PNM) Women’s League wishes to register its strong objection to the reported decision of President Anthony Carmona to appoint, even temporarily, Dr Kriyaan Singh as an Independent Senator.

Dr Singh, who by his conduct has shown that he is unfit to hold the office of Independent Senator, and by his postings on social media, has not only demonstrated a clear preference for the Opposition UNC but also his abhorrence of the PNM.

The Senator has never repudiated the Facebook post attributed to him which referenced the PNM’s Political Leader, now Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, in disparaging terms.

In the Facebook post he stated: “Whatever Gra Puja the PM do to get Jack Warner extradition request I want to do that! If only they could get the THA to extradite Rowley as well.”

Those words not only display a bias to the UNC and its political leader, but a clear dislike of the PNM leader that would make it impossible for him to display the impartiality normally associated with an Independent Senator.

Dr Singh went even further to launch a social media attack on the reporter who had exposed his clear UNC bias and even admitted to posting semi-nude photos of himself and threatening to expose his testicles to the female reporter.

While the Women League appreciates that the choice of an Independent Senator is solely within the purview of the President, we believe that the women of Trinidad and Tobago should never have to countenance someone capable of the vile behavior which Dr Singh has exhibited on Facebook and that the President should think twice before foisting him on the Independent benches and the public of Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago needs its best and brightest, people who have the welfare of the nation at heart. We do not need people like Dr Singh, who can only do further damage to the Parliament by undermining the sobriety and sagacity which one normally associates with the Independent Bench."