Police, Children's Authority investigate video of 12-year-old girl using cocaine

The Police Service and the Children's Authority both say they will look into a viral video purportedly of a 12-year-old girl using cocaine.

The video which has been shared via WhatsApp, shows the nude underage girl using what appears to be illegal drugs.

The voice of a man can be heard off-camera urging the girl to use the illegal substance.

When contacted the police service said once the video has reached its attention, the victims and support unit will take the necessary steps in the welfare of the girl.

Chairman of the Children's Authority, Hannif Benjamin, when contacted said he was not personally aware of the video and said he would check with staff at the authority about the matter.

He said the video had to at first be authenticated by the police service to determine, if the incident took place in this country and if the details are indeed fact.

Earlier this month, the Children's Authority said there had been an increase in the sexual abuse of children in this country and had urged parents and guardians to protect their children.


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