Police confirm body found in Gulf is Nyasha Joseph

Several police officers at the port of Port-of-Spain have told reporters that a body discovered in the Gulf of Paria by a fisherman is that of missing WPC Nyasha Joseph.

Joseph went missing last Thursday and several searches have been focussed in the Sealots area and the waters offshore.

Officers attached to the Homicide Division have also confirmed that the body is that of the missing WPC.

Michael Seales, president of the Police Social and Welfare Association has also told the media that preliminary reports indicate the discovery is that of WPC Joseph.

Several police and army officers were at the port when the body was brought ashore by the Coast Guard.

The body was found near the mouth of the Caroni River around 12.15 pm.

Reports indicate that the body was found tangled in a fisherman's net. Somebreports say bricks were attached to ensure that it sank to the bottom of the water but police and Coast Guard officers have not yet verified how she was found.

Police have one man in custody in connection with the missing officer.

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